Gosia Irzyk

Gosia at home (193kb) Living room (122kb) Kitchen seen from living room (131kb) Family room (110kb) Family room 2 (150kb)
Gosia in kitchen (183kb) Brianne (294kb) Brianne in play (170kb) Bri (186kb) Isn't she lovely? (239kb)
Getting ready to go out (242kb) Bri breakfest (214kb) House front (424kb) House front 2 (455kb) House front 3 (377kb)
House front 4 (279kb) Street (240kb) House from the side (424kb) Gosia and Joe (260kb) Gosia and Joe 2 (265kb)
Joe backyard (518kb) Gosia backyard (583kb) Margaret and Joe backyard (583kb) Bri in the backyard (341kb) Back door (308kb)
Krysia with Margaret's dog (238kb) Bri ready to sleep (254kb) Bri with Christine and Nikita (281kb) Christine with Bri and Nikita (294kb) Margaret with Joe (246kb)
South Padre Island (184kb) South Padre Island behind Radisson hotel (239kb) South Padre Island (222kb) Joe South Padre Island (209kb) Playing on the beach Ian Christine (186kb)
Boys will be boys (200kb) Bri posing (268kb) Bri South Padre Island (228kb) Margaret  (185kb) Take off these sunglasses please (173kb)
The strong men (178kb) Margaret smiling (174kb) Chrsitine smiling (253kb) Bri (253kb) Margaret Joe (226kb)
Anthony  (169kb) Margaret not smiling (202kb) The men with grey hair (280kb) South Padre Island (167kb) No photos please! (173kb)
Margaret as photographer (105kb) Joe (236kb) Somebody's sinking (207kb) More sinking (207kb) Going back... (308kb)
In the old escort (244kb) HEB in San Benito (303kb) Polish meeting  (262kb) Polish meeting Margaret and Joe (240kb) Polish meeting Margaret and Joe 2 (257kb)